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#recordstoredayfinds  (at Sunset Park)
#recordstoredayfinds  (at Sunset Park)
#recordstoredayfinds  (at Sunset Park)
#recordstoredayfinds  (at Sunset Park)
#recordstoredayfinds (at Sunset Park)
Best of the record store day gems I snagged - record is mint and sounds terrific \m/ (at Sunset Park)
Secured a few good gems today… (at Jupiter Records)
Yup it’s on like that…this weeks culinary special my chili. (at Sunset Park)

\m/ (at Asbury Lanes)

Julie Ruin (at Asbury Lanes)

Julie Ruin…Kathleen Hanna off the bucket list…swoon lol (at Asbury Lanes)
I have seen the face of Rock n’ Roll…and it is Screaming Females… (at Asbury Lanes)
Nice \m/ (at Sunset Lake)
I think I may take up disc golf… (at Ocean County Park Disc Golf Course)