Everything Old is New Again

The things from the digital world past , present, & future that interest me. I am 35 yrs old, male, and reside at the Jersey Shore...not the one in the TV show ;)

Secured a few good gems today… (at Jupiter Records)
Yup it’s on like that…this weeks culinary special my chili. (at Sunset Park)

\m/ (at Asbury Lanes)

Julie Ruin (at Asbury Lanes)

Julie Ruin…Kathleen Hanna off the bucket list…swoon lol (at Asbury Lanes)
I have seen the face of Rock n’ Roll…and it is Screaming Females… (at Asbury Lanes)
Nice \m/ (at Sunset Lake)
I think I may take up disc golf… (at Ocean County Park Disc Golf Course)
Gorgeous lunch day… (at Ocean County Park)
Today’s culinary experiment = Teriyaki Chicken.   (at Sunset Park)
at Ocean County Park
Ominous (at ocean county park)
Done geeking out for the night on IG, but jeez this is just the best vinyl ever in terms of sound quality \m/ HUGE sound!! (at Sunset Park)
Easily the greatest B-Side of any record…maybe ANY side ever :-) (at Sunset Park)